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Surveys or Questionnaries

A pencil survey on a clipboard.Surveys provide information about the characteristics, attitudes, or behaviors of a group of individuals.

Surveys are a useful tool for gathering data for research and program evaluation or to assess the current status and needs of a specific group.

There are several important steps to consider in developing a survey project. These include the following:

  1. Establish the goals
  2. Determine your sample design
  3. Choose your survey methodology
  4. Create the survey
  5. Write the Questions
  6. Pre-test the survey and revise
  7. Administer the survey and follow-up to maximize response
  8. Enter and analyze the data
  9. Share your survey results

NEDARC presented a workshop entitled "How to Survey Effectively in EMS & EMSC." Due to the popularity of this workshop it was presented twice; however, you can download the presentations, handouts, and worksheets from the workshop by visiting the link below:

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