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Childhood Weight
Statistic Value
Count 12
Sum 642
Mean 53.5
Median 45.5
Mode No Mode
Min 13
Max 110
Range 97
Standard Deviation 31.0

A "sum" is the sum of all the data (the observations) in a dataset. Once again, we’re using very simple math here. Just add up all the numbers below from a dataset of childhood weights (you can use a calculator if you prefer).

13        36        98        77        42        50       
110      22        49        81        26        38

Sum = 13+36+98+77+42+50+110+22+49+81+26+38

The answer is 642. Should this number mean anything to you right now? Not really. It’s good to have, but it will only become useful later on when you use it in other statistical analyses.





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