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Prevent harm from medication dosing errors by weighing and recording a pediatric patient's weight in kilograms only. Learn more from our new factsheet!



We continue to see that emergency departments who participate in a Pediatric Readiness Recognition Program score on average more than 20 points higher on the NPRP assessment than those who do not. Learn more from our new factsheet!


NPRP Assessment Gap Report Importance Statements

Download the Importance Statements document for your ED! This compilation of statements corresponds to scored questions on the NPRP assessment. It is a helpful resource that highlights opportunities for quality improvement (QI) in your ED.


The 2021 NRPR Response Rate Plan and Marketing package is intended for use by EMSC Program Managers to help them plan, prepare for, and promote the NPRP Assessment.

Please download the package below.


Please download recently updated social media graphics.

Please download NPRP flyer with information on the assessment.



Pop-Up Webinars


Entering Mulitple Surveys for One Site


This webinar emphasized the importance of taking the assessment from start to finish. Participants learned how to avoid issues when entering surveys for multiple sites. Webinar recording can be viewed below.


NPRP Response Rate Rally: Support, Success, Strategies, and Q & A


This webinar was an informal discussion with NPRP Co-leads, Dr. Marianne Gausche-Hill and Dr. Kate Remick, and EMSC Program Managers to discuss the status of NPRP response rates during the last weeks of the NPRP assessment. Challenges, strategies, and resources were shared.





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