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Have You Heard of PECARN?

PECARN is making huge strides pediatric emergency care research

PECARN LogoIt is difficult to conduct research in pediatric emergency care because there are so few cases. PECARN's multi-institutional approach now makes more of this research possible.

What is PECARN?

PECARN is the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network, the first federally-funded multi-institutional network for research in pediatric emergency medicine. 

What is PECARN's goal?

The goal of this network is to conduct meaningful and rigorous multi-institutional research into the prevention and management of acute illnesses and injuries in children and youth across the continuum of emergency medicine health care.

How is PECARN organized? 

The PECARN network consists of a coordinating data center, seven Research Node Centers (RNCs), and several Hospital Emergency Department Affiliates (HEDAs) and EMS Agencies that represent academic, community, urban, rural, general, and children's hospitals.

Check out the PECARN Website now.




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